Young people growing horns?


It’s likely you’ve already seen headlines or news segments about young people possibly growing horns out of the backs of their heads.

One hypothesis offered is overuse of tech, particularly smartphones and tablets. No, it’s not time to get nervous about that, as Gizmodo points out. Yes, there has been anecdotal evidence that some young people are growing larger than normal bony protrusions out of the bases of their skulls. No, there hasn’t been a definitive answer about why that has happened.

Now, Gizmodo pointed out at the end of their assessment of the story that it’s not time to get paranoid about growing “horns” because of overusing smartphones. That might be wrong, if the physicians ever do establish that hand-held device overuse definitely does cause these larger than normal bony growths.

Sorry, but it’s quite possible that this could become a cause for bragging rights. Imagine young people comparing x-ray measurements, proudly taking first place in their circles of friends if theirs happen to be the largest. Or even worse, imagine if it got to the point where some would be visible without medical imaging.

Terrifying thought? If nothing else, at least this line of thinking points out that there are far too many questionable competitions among young people in particular. Thankfully, many of them do not look like a try-out video for a Jack-ass film. Regardless, assuming that people would avoid doing something like growing their own skull “horns” by overusing technology is unfortunately a little short-sighted. That said, let’s double-down on Gizmodo‘s commentary against questionable journalism on medical science – to editors everywhere, just don’t run these stories.

Image: Photo by Rodrigo Pereira on Unsplash