Anna Kendrick and the Celebrity Love Affair with Obama


Anna Kendrick was recently talking with Stephen Colbert, and explained her less-than-respectful interaction with Barack Obama.

While it’s true that Kendrick really was in awe of Obama when she was with him, she definitely had an Eliza Doolittle at the races style response for him when he talked with her.

Yes, that was Kendrick admitting on national television that she called Obama an asshole to his face, and then proceeded to point out his lack of knowledge about the citizens of her home state of Maine. If that wasn’t enough, Kendrick also placed meeting Beyoncé and her daughter, Blue Ivy, higher on her scale of noteworthy celebrity run-ins.

Of course, there was a comedic feel through all of the exchange, but it probably did not wander too far from the truth of the matter. Politicians have turned Washington into Hollywood-East with their determination to be in the spotlight, but the denizens of Tinseltown still are more concerned with approval among their own. Kendrick, as an actress, cares far more about the goodwill of Beyoncé than Obama because the former is more likely to help her build her career.

Yes, celebrities dabble in politics, even to the point of running for (and taking) public offices, but like anyone else who has a career outside of the political sphere, if they aren’t vying for a permanent political career, they must care more about people in their own field. The ones who lose that perspective lose out, which is what we see from many entertainers who have chosen to be vocal about their political views when they don’t match the typical Hollywood stand on the issues. Is it unfair? Yes, but life isn’t fair. The entertainment industry also isn’t the only career area where people can face issues if they are vocal about their personal politics. While the right tends to suffer more, there are also situations where expressing any political views – right or left – can be detrimental to one’s career.

As for Kendrick and her moment of calling Obama an asshole, that could be just a tall tale, or it could be absolutely true. Either way, the fact that she told the story the way she did indicates something that too many people keep forgetting these days. While politicians can be very entertaining, they are not truly entertainers. Those who really are entertainers may say they adore some politicians, but that adoration ends where their concern for their next paycheck begins, assuming that they don’t want to see an end date on their list of jobs on IMDB.

Image: YouTube Capture