Seriously, it has gotten out of control out there. Yes, it’s true that Donald Trump has managed to bring out the worst in many people, but the fact remains that those people are the ones who actively made the choice to behave like they have. No, it’s not appropriate to blame anyone except the bad actors themselves. While there may be an increase in bullying and other bad behaviors now, blaming a single person for it is only making the problem worse.

A large part of the problem today is that there is always someone around to blame for one’s shortcomings, or flat out evil actions. The fact that it has become socially acceptable for people to lay blame for their actions on social movements, politicians, public figures or the dog in the backyard who’s speaking for Satan is the real problem. Another problem is the misguided notion that there is always a peaceful solution to bullying. Oddly enough, we’re heading into the season when we will undoubtedly be shown an example of when there is no peaceful solution – ad nauseum.

Yes, sometimes a bully needs a dose of his own medicine. But, we’ve moved to a point where “zero tolerance” policies in schools have removed that option from consideration. Bluntly, if you really want to blame anything for the proliferation of bullying, look no further than the idiotic notion that bullies and their victims should be punished equally for violence in school. Please, stop.

Before the age of video surveillance in schools, this policy saved school administrators from having to actually think about it, and try to figure out who started a fight in school. If everyone is guilty, that means that the bullies were given free range in the schools. Most kids wouldn’t fight back, because they didn’t want to get in trouble, too. It’s better to just take the beating, and not get a bad mark on the “permanent record.”

Now, there is no excuse. Videos typically can show anyone who started the violence. But, we still have the policy that kids should not stand up for themselves, ever. And now you’re wondering why bullies are out there all over the place?!? Our school policies that leave administrators protected from lawsuits (and thinking) created this, not Trump. Our society’s fascination with trying to make everyone get along created this. That’s not how any of this works.

This is not suggesting that Trump shouldn’t be held accountable for his own reprehensible behavior. He should. But, please stop letting anyone else use him as a scapegoat for their own bad actions. Seriously, attorneys across the country are drooling over this – defense against criminal charges and cause for civil damages, all wrapped up in the man who managed to get himself into the White House. Now they’re going to have a field day, too.