We haven’t really gotten anywhere yet when it comes to determining what the Trump presidency will look like, but that isn’t stopping anyone from going crazy over what they assume will happen. Of course, that means that there are a lot of women running around suggesting that free birth control will be taken away. Perhaps they are right, but the ones who are going to the extreme on this issue are wrong.

No, Trump will not cause birth control pricing to go through the roof. Perhaps he feels that he owes the religious right at least a little bit for his win, but not that much. Please, listen to yourselves. Before election day, you were complaining about the fact that he bragged about committing sex crimes against women, at least in the form of grabbing their genitals. Now, you seriously believe that he would force himself and all other men like him to deal with the financial responsibility of unwanted children by restricting birth control in any way? Bluntly, that’s insane.

If there’s anything you can expect Trump not to do when it comes to birth control, it probably has more to do with male birth control injections, because they apparently can have the side effect of depression. That’s a problem that is apparently acceptable for the birth control pill for women, though.

Please, remember that Trump was for Planned Parenthood before he was against it. Perhaps he’ll give a little to the anti-choice camp out of some sense of loyalty to them, but even that isn’t guaranteed. Part of that giving could very well include pushing for more access to birth control, though. Think people! He’s many things, but he’s not entirely stupid. If birth control is even easier to get, it’s likely there will be fewer abortions. (Some of you have been preaching that for years.)

Yes, it’s possible that he will end the birth control mandate as it is now, but that will primarily be a matter of dealing with who is paying for the bills. It always was seriously wrong to force religious entities opposed to birth control to pay for it. In all honesty, the battle over forcing all employers to pay for birth control was a massive waste of resources that would have been better spent on demanding improvements on existing forms of it. Just like the male injections that probably won’t make it to the marketplace because of side effects, many forms of “the pill” have piles of negative side effects for many women. But, we’re not allowed to talk about that, or suggest that we need to do better. Maybe, this president might listen. He is a businessman, and at least has a clue about the importance of “customer satisfaction.”

The point is before anyone starts losing their minds, maybe we need to sit back to see what happens. The only thing we know for sure at this point is that it’s not necessarily going to be politics as usual. Trump theoretically was elected because he isn’t a politician. Stop assuming he’ll be played by the radical right, especially since he’s never shown himself to be someone who is manipulated easily – it’s usually the other way around.