So, there are a couple musical oddities out there this weekend. The first has a political angle, and plays to those of use who love Danny Elfman. Yes, he did score the scenes of Trump stalking Hillary on the debate stage. Yes, it is priceless! From the wonderful folks at Funny or Die.

At least a little disturbing, but funny, right?

Now, if I told you that Dolly Parton can sort of sound like Elvis Presley, I’m guessing you wouldn’t believe me. Well, it’s true, but it does require a little “modification.”

Let’s start with her song “Jolene” – on a 45 played at 33 1/3 RPM.

Doesn’t sound like a woman anymore, and maybe you’ll agree she sounds a little like Chris Isaak:

No, I didn’t pick that track randomly. It was made famous by Elvis Presley, of course.

Ok, so it isn’t exactly playing fair, but one thing can definitely be said for Dolly Parton. You know you’re a damn good singer when you still sound good playing at the wrong speed on the turntable – and that’s when your music isn’t sped up to sound like the Chipmunks!