Matt Drudge Trying to Hand Florida to Hillary


If you’re taking Matt Drudge’s advice on hurricanes, you might be a Trump supporter.

Some days it’s difficult to deal with the foolishness that is attached to the world of politics in social media. When it gets to the point where some people start suggesting that a natural disaster that has already laid waste to multiple countries is really just a conspiracy to promote theories on climate change, we’ve gone over the deep end.

Laid waste equals being deadly, of course. Making the suggestion that Hurricane Matthew evacuation orders are just a political conspiracy is not only stupid, it’s dangerous. However, there may be a bright side to Matt Drudge making these allegations.

He might be handing the presidential election to Hillary Clinton in at least Florida all by himself.


Of course, if someone from the left suggested that, heads would be on fire immediately. There would be calls for the public evisceration of whomever dared to suggest such a thing. Never mind the fact that the impetus of the statement is an infuriatingly stupid comment that could actually cause deaths.

But, I’m not from the left. Some might say I’m not from the right, either. No matter which political direction anyone might think I’m coming from, the bottom line here is that playing nice, and quietly pointing out the stupidity of Drudge is not enough.

This is not something to joke about, period. Is it possible that Florida will not be hit by the hurricane as badly as current predictions are suggesting? Yes. Is it worth it for anyone to bet their lives on that? No.

Consider the reality of this. If the storm doesn’t do too much damage, the worst thing that happens is that many people are inconvenienced by evacuating from the area. They’ll live.

If the storm acts as it already has in the various island nations it has passed over so far, people will die if they don’t leave. That’s not just a possibility. This storm has ripped apart buildings (albeit not the best constructed ones), and more importantly, has caused massive flooding along with wind damage. In case anyone is confused, we see people die in relatively minor floods all the time. This has the potential to cause massive flooding, along with significant wind damage.

So, if you’re willing to believe Drudge, and stick around to find out up close and personal how this turns out, you probably are setting yourself up for a post-humous Darwin award. Drudge deserves one, too for this stunt. Personally, I’d suggest that if you’re thinking about listening to him, ask him if he’s willing to hang out with you in Florida – you know, to watch the fake storm, or something.