In case you missed it, Facebook is trying to play like Skype again – trying to improve your experience. As usual, that’s without really consulting you directly, but hey, who has time to ask users real questions?

Yes, you’ll be seeing more content from your friends and family. I’m guessing that no one bothered to tell the magic algorithm folks that there are tons of users who intentionally hide from their family members on the social network. Oh well!

What really matters this time around is that publishers (the folks who pay big bucks for big exposure) will be disappearing from our feeds. Why that is happening is really a mystery, since theoretically Facebook wasn’t really happy about the amount of cash coming in from advertising and promotions – as in they wanted more. So, in their world, the solution is to radically decrease the opportunities for potential advertisers to get their content in front of users? Ok………..

But hey, social media is supposed to be about people, right?

Sure, you’ll see publisher content still, but more than likely, it will be because your friends or family members were actually interested in it, or even better, pointed you toward it. Ummmm…

So, I guess that means these big changes are all about getting back to what Facebook was, before it started digging for dollars from publishers. People will see content based on the interests of people they follow, or something.

What a novel concept!