We can file this one under “faux-outrage” and “epic-hypocrisy.”

Jerry Falwell, Jr. seems to have gotten himself into a fix with some Christians, since he decided to endorse Trump. Beyond the fact that the candidate is on the record for Planned Parenthood, and has no problems with “sins of the flesh,” it seems that there are ruffled feathers over a Playboy cover in the background of a photo shared on Twitter.

Now, if you were thinking it would be one of “those” covers, with a buxom babe on the front, you were wrong. It’s just more of the typical Trump self-aggrandizing, but in this case, at least it makes sense. Of course, he has a “wall of fame” where he shows off all the things, and Falwell just happened to end up near the cover featuring his orangeness. It could be worse, really.


At least the photo in the background didn’t include anyone wearing diaper-like pants. (Apologies for the mental image!)

Just so we’re clear here, the Playboy cover was on the wall to showcase a dude, not sex. It wouldn’t have been there at all, even if we all know his orangeness loves surrounding himself with beautiful females. Bottom line is that he still loves himself more. As for Falwell’s response, it truly was appropriate.

Now, before anyone thinks that there’s nothing to see here, let’s take a moment to consider where the backlash over this photo came from in the first place. Christian leaders, including Falwell, Jr. and his father, have been dealing out shame when it comes to anything remotely related to sex for years. While there have been some Christians who have been trying to mitigate that shame, at least in the context of marital relations, the Falwell family in general is still known for taking the Victorian attitude on sex. So, this truly is a situation where some chickens have come home to roost. The question now is whether or not the Liberty University president is going to think twice about his public attitude on these things. Probably not.

Feature Image By Guercino – 1. Unknown2. BBC Your Paintings3. The Bridgeman Art Library, Object 18456, Public Domain,