Please Stop Trying to Salvage Feminism


The writing has been on the wall for a very long time now – feminism is dead. What passes for that term today is a radicalism that encourages intolerance, entitlement, victimization, and intellectual laziness. It is just another tentacle on the beast that is making a complete generation of youth who will be utterly incapable of functioning in the real world, after they leave the extreme protections of the academy.

Somewhere between the rise of Gloria Steinem, and the current crop of self-proclaimed feminists, the social side of the movement died. All that remains is a polemical school of thought that thrives in the collegiate environment, but alienates society at large. Unfortunately, this fringe element is being molly-coddled along with the rest of the sophomoric theories that insist that people cannot survive facing dissenting views without suffering permanent emotional harm.

That means that feminism is no longer about striving for equality for women. It is centered on granting special class status to women, implying that women are not equal at all – they really need protection from the world. No one should be surprised that Steinem has taken to producing a television show on Viceland that draws attention to issues women face outside of western culture for the most part. She is giving the spotlight to women who are truly marginalized, as opposed to the navel-gazing, self-important wilting flowers in the US and UK.

So, please stop attempting to mainstream feminism in the US today. Stop making apologist videos that attempt to make this monstrosity appear remotely close to acceptable in the real world. It isn’t. The bottom line is that it is insulting to women who are quite capable of making their own way without the assistance of special treatment.