As a parent of teenage boys, I’ve become accustomed to the concept of hearing profanity spewing from the smartphones of my offspring, typically from the YouTube videos they are watching. Of course, my typical response is to tell them to stop watching whatever it is that is so offensive, because I’m the mom. As parents, we’re supposed to be responsible, right?


Well, we’re supposed to be responsible most of the time, but there is one particular YouTuber with a filthy mouth who I wholeheartedly endorse. Yes, you read that right.

As we all bemoan the sorry state of education, college campuses, the proliferation of safe spaces, and the silencing of dissenting opinions, there is at least one young man who has thrown caution to the wind. He is out there calling out the stupidity out there on the interwebs, and is having a grand old time doing it.

LeafyIsHere is a crass creature, who pulls no punches during his videos. He’s also highly popular, with over 3 million subscribers, and millions of views per video in his channel. That makes me very happy, since that means that there are many people out there who are not buying into the precious little nonsense that stifles anything but politically correct pablum.

Even more important than that is something that he brings up around the 5 minute point in the following video. Of course, there are detractors for these politically incorrect tirades. Some people might even think that this YouTuber is on a mission to cause havoc for the makers of the videos he rips apart. That isn’t the case. He actually asks that his viewers not go after the people he features. Further, he points out that this entire endeavor of his is purely for entertainment value. If you can’t watch the entire video, at least catch that middle part. Trust me, you’ll not regret it!

No, LeafyIsHere is not for everyone, and his sense of humor is pretty much on the teenage boy level. However, everyone who is concerned about the death of political incorrectness should be highly pleased with his existence.