When in doubt about stuff like this, it’s probably a good idea to ask someone who has a clue. The case of Trump’s boy, Corey Lewandowski, is no exception.

Normally, I’d post stuff remotely related to BDSM over on Kinksanity, but since this is mostly on politics and law, I’m putting it here. However, I am going to point out that I am personally familiar with the concept of having bruises due to physical contact of one kind or another. While the ones in this case aren’t totally unfamiliar to me, the placement is a little odd. (No, I won’t be getting into details about why that is the case here!)

First, let’s take a look at what Michelle Fields posted:

If you look closely at that photo, you can note what I consider telltale ridges from fingers digging into flesh. I chose that term intentionally – digging – because that is pretty much what would need to happen for that kind of mark to appear at all. It was a rather harsh grasp on her arm, not in the least bit weak. If anyone decides it’s a great idea to challenge me on that notion, I will come back here and get into explicit details about why I know that. So, for the sake of readers who may be offended, I will simply say that either someone had to be held tightly for an extended period of time, or the grasp would need to be exceedingly strong in order to mark someone like that. As for the recent contentions that it was a previous injury, sorry, but that doesn’t fly either. The video shows Lewandowski grabbing Fields, and there’s no way she could predict that.

This case has been filed in Florida, and the laws on assault and battery are fairly straightforward:


Technically, if Lewandowski just touched Fields, it would have been enough to make the misdemeanor battery charge stick – it’s just highly unlikely that a prosecutor would bother. Since there was obvious force (the bruises) involved, obviously they made the decision to move forward with the case. Media and public outrage aside, it’s very likely that this case will not end well for Lewandowski, because there is video proof that he actually touched Fields without permission or real cause.

Those of you who know me at all realize that of all the people out there, I’m one of the last ones who would relish the concept of pointing out that this really is battery. Why?

leather whip and a woman in handcuffs, sepia and toning
leather whip and a woman in handcuffs, sepia and toning

In other circumstances, I would be the one who would be campaigning to have bruises like that made perfectly legal – assuming that they were inflicted with consent. Obviously Fields did not consent to what happened to her, so it can’t truthfully be compared with anything I would defend. However, it also isn’t abuse, which is the primary act that I try to differentiate from consensual BDSM activities.

Beyond anything else, the fact that we need to have this conversation at all is disturbing. For all the faults that we have seen over the past several years when it comes to the Secret Service, the fact remains that Trump has been shadowed by those agents for some time now. If there truly was some kind of threat to his person, they would have acted. There is NO earthly reason for Lewandowski to touch anyone – ever. It is absolutely shameful that any members of the media would have found it necessary to defend this thuggery, period. Finally, I can only hope that the Florida authorities follow through, and do not cave in to pressure over this. Lewandowski should be held accountable for his actions, legally. If that means a fine and jail time, so be it. If he skates, women need to seriously consider how they vote in November. Do we really want a man who defends individuals who would manhandle a woman badly enough to leave bruises in a matter of seconds – without striking her – sitting in the White House? To place that in perspective, I will mention one small detail – the last time I had bruises of that kind ever, my wrists had been tightly pinned for nearly an hour – and I bruise easily. Think about that.