11fhhwAs most normal people are trying to get through this Friday before the Easter holiday, the political elite are doing their best impressions of the sexy clickbait headlines that draw the attention of the masses when they’re reading something else far more valuable. Yes, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein should either be laughing or scratching their heads over the fact that Ted Cruz found it necessary to tap dance around the “ratfucking” term they made so popular during the Nixon Watergate scandal.

Yes, that was aimed at Trump, rightfully so. That is what the ferret-toupee wearing slime ball is using, since he’s trying to smear Cruz for supposedly having extramarital affairs. One would think that after Bubba and the blue dress, this wouldn’t be an issue, but we’re talking about candidates who have to appeal to the holier-than-thou crowds who actually give a damn about whether or not their golden boys have been dipping their “pens” in the company ink.

However, if we’re brutally honest with ourselves, the fact is that this really should be a non-issue. If Cruz did, then it makes him marginally more interesting, and dare we say it, human. The time has come and gone for even claiming that we want someone who is morally superior to anyone else sitting in the White House. After alternative uses of cigars, folksy females becoming king makers, beer summits, and the all important polling questions asking potential voters who they would most like to invite to dinner, we’ve moved well beyond that point. In other words, who cares?

Whether or not anyone opposing Trump has managed to get laid outside their marriage is the last thing anyone needs to be worrying about at this point. Also, ratfucker might be the kindest profane term that could be easily applied to a man who has been ginning up racial unrest, paranoia, hatred, and violence more than the “Reverend” Al Sharpton ever did in his entire career. The only reason Sharpton is still ahead in that dubious race is because his hatred has a body count. (Please, don’t tell Trump that, because his innate desire to one-up everyone may lead to some deaths!)

So, consider this just some gentle shoving in the direction of apathy on this one. Let Cruz defend the honor of the women who are being smeared by Trump, but otherwise, please just let it go. Making America great again should include demanding that at the very least, our candidates for the presidency stop dropping to the level of celebrity gossip mongers. That’s just embarrassing.