12799110_10208857922343653_8512194330816752819_nJust about everything deep and meaningful that can be said about the concept of “trigger warnings” and “safe spaces” has already been said – ad nauseum. It’s a trope that won’t die, even when we take it to the point of using the terminology of the supposed victims against their own arguments. It’s become a dizzying spiral of negativity, and bluntly, bullshit. In case you don’t know what I mean, just see:

As Friedrich Hayek says, “social justice” is the bane of the existence of freedom, and is simply an excuse for plunging society into yet another round of social engineering that will end as badly as previous iteration, if not worse. The primary problem is that of course it has absolutely nothing to do with justice, because it invariably leads to creating special classes that are protected from everyone else. That also means that the special classes end up with a voice, while everyone else is silenced, ostensibly to protect the poor weaklings from actually having to think. When it gets to the point where even their own radicals are calling for a cessation in the war against speech, you know it has gone too far.

Just a hint to the radical feminists out there who are crying about being triggered – if even Julie Bindel is saying that you can’t be protected from all the things you don’t like, you’re going too far.

One issue that is rarely mentioned is something far more disturbing than the concept of silencing people en masse, simply because of their views. That shutting down of free speech also leads to a societal loss of empathy. When certain groups are no longer required to think about how the other side lives – the proverbial “walking a mile in someone else’s shoes” – they will lose the ability to empathize with the plight of others. Years ago, this was referred to as navel-gazing – introspection to an extreme level that negates the ability of a human being to live fully, because that person is no longer capable of co-feeling. In case you’re confused, that is definitely classified under narcissism, which is a mental disorder.

So, be cautious with these groups who insist that they are entitled to special treatment, and must protect themselves from being upset by ideas. They have made an incubator for themselves, which has the express purpose of incubating mental disorders – the sort that can make these people unable to feel whatever pain or misery they inflict on others. In another time, that alone would make an interesting premise for a horror film.