Tune of the Day – Daughters – Lissie


Clean water.

This is something that Americans, with few exceptions (Flint, MI), take for granted. It is difficult to wrap one’s mind around the concept that hours upon hours of each day could be wasted with the task of simply gathering clean water for survival. That is precisely what keeps many women and girls around the world from engaging in far more productive activities, like education and commerce.

Western feminists are quick to point out the troubles that they must endure in their daily lives, because the personal is political. Of course, this leaves no room for concern about the plight of women in other nations. Even if they do take some time to think about it, more likely than not, the solutions to the problem of a lack of clean water within easy reach would probably involve governmental intervention and spending. Needless to say, that is not nearly as efficient as the work that already is being done by charities.

Musical artist, Lissie, has decided that the best route for helping women and girls who desperately need clean water without spending hours walking to get it is to encourage her fans to support charity:water. She is also pushing a social media Thunderclap campaign to get the word out. In return, she’s offering free downloads of the following song:

Get your free download here. Or you can just simply give to charity:water in honor of International Women’s Day – it is one way you can be sure to empower women.