It’s probably not necessary to point out who the headline is aimed at here. If it is, well you’re not paying attention.

For those of you who haven’t fried most of your brain cells at this point (Read: bought into the BS out of desperation, fear, peer-pressure, or just plain stupidity), Jon Gabriel explains why Trump is a nightmare choice for president. Yes, that does require reading words.

For the rest of you, I humbly offer this:

When you become either the punchline or paramour of someone like Nicole Arbour, it’s fair to guess that you’re a vacuous option at best. What do I mean? Either Arbour is joking, or she seriously thinks that Trump is “da bomb.” Honestly, she’s probably not smart enough to be joking, so…. Do you really want to be following her rally call?

Either way, this will be entertaining to watch. Personally, I’m figuring the biggest casualty of this election cycle will be the GOP. If it survives, it’s going to barely managing on massive life support. One thing is certain – if Trump is the GOP candidate, we’re in for at least four more years of Democrat rule.