5036390855_85b333c66a_zIn case you didn’t look around here, here’s a little secret for you – yes, I literally was “raised on radio.” (There might be bonus points for anyone who knows who did a song with that title.) In the interest of avoiding more of the evil politics around here, I’m getting deeper into the arts – including music. That’s starting with the Spotify list you can see in the right column here.

Are you a musician who has music on Spotify? Or are you passing along tunes on YouTube?

For now, I’m sticking with those two, but if you want more information on being added to the lists around here (or even how to get featured on air), you need to go to the “Musicians Only!” page and read up!

While I do have some favorite types of music, in general I’m open to listening to anything. Hey, I’ve even endured the Viking Metal from Vigilant Liberty Radio’s Taylor Millard, so you know I can take just about anything at least once!

So, have at it folks! Let me know what you’re creating!