Review – The Art of The Deal from Funny or Die


JohnnyDeppTrumpAt least a few people have said to me that they think that Johnny Depp cannot act. After seeing his performance in “The Art of the Deal,” I have to say YOU’RE WRONG! Seriously, his performance was frighteningly accurate, as in if no one told anyone who played the part, there probably would be a lot of other names mentioned. (In case you’re confused, that’s one hell of a compliment!)

Bottom line here is that if you’re a Trump supporter, don’t watch this. Nobody wants to hear or see you whine about it on social media, so just move on.

If you have an above average IQ, you should enjoy this one. (Yes, I did just imply that one must be intellectually disabled to support Trump.)

As for me, I’m with the majority who considered this movie funny.