It’s a day ending in the letter “y,” so it’s no surprise that Lena Dunham decided to say something particularly ridiculous. In this case, she was making a plea to the media to “please stop picking on Hillary.” In Dunham’s mind, there’s only one reason why anyone would ever say anything mean about Hillary Clinton – you must be sexist, or something. You really do need to see her comments, even if you absolutely hate her:

Isn’t it precious that Dunham thinks Hillary should issue rules to the media about what words they cannot use to describe her?

Bear in mind, part of the problem has been the fact that the Clinton Campaign has been keeping the media away from their candidate the entire time – they’ve even corralled them with rope!

Of course, Dunham wouldn’t know that because getting time to talk to Hillary is just a phone call away for her.

Also, it probably doesn’t occur to her that if a candidate needs protecting from the media, that person probably couldn’t hack the job of the presidency in the first place. No one ever said that there was a high level of intelligence needed to do navel-gazing scripts, and bad sex on film, right? Maybe Dunham should get a pass for failing to understand that politicians in general need to be thick-skinned.

Sure, it might be mean to pick on the tenor of Hillary’s voice (shrill), and rip on her pantsuit dominated wardrobe, but if memory serves, even the men get ribbing on their fashion choices from time to time. One thing that Dunham needs to recognize is that Hillary is bringing this on herself, by keeping the media away. She’s literally begging for abuse by refusing to deal with them. That said, if Dunham really wants to help Hillary with her media problem, she needs to start booking time with the candidate on behalf of the media. Pick up your phone, Lena! Get Hillary on the line, and start with me, ok? I’d just love to have a chat with her on-air!